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OUr Founder

Buy Young is a non-profit organization founded by Michael Harris Jr. with a mission to empower young people, especially those from underserved communities, by providing them with financial literacy and real estate investment opportunities. With success in digital content creation and real estate investing, his passion for empowering young people stems from his own experiences growing up surrounded by successful people. Though he was in that successful environment, he lacked the opportunity to put that knowledge to work. His aim is to bridge that gap for the next generation by educating in financial literacy, breaking generational poverty, and creating opportunities for them to put their new obtained knowledge to work. 

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Our Mission

Buy Young aims to help young individuals, starting in high school, attain the knowledge of real estate investing and importance of homeownership by providing education, mentoring, and quality hands on experience to build generational wealth. Through our program, we focus on our main values: impact, collaboration, integrity, and community to ensure our students receive the best education and hands on experience we plan to provide. 


If you're interested in becoming a brand sponsor for Buy Young Org or donating a possible property or real estate labor to our organization, we encourage you to fill out the additional information form. Your contributions can have a significant impact on the communities we serve, and we would be honored to have your brand associated with our cause. Let's work together to create a brighter future for the next generation.

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    Let's build future generational wealth together!


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